Dwarf crayfish
Crayfish are also fascinating creatures in an aquarium. Most varieties grow to a considerable size, however, and require an appropriately large habitat. Dwarf crayfish of the Cambarellus genus are ideal for nano aquaria.
Measuring 3-5 cm, they are also suitable for keeping in mini aquaria of 25 l or larger.

Important: Crayfish are great “escape artists”. They are able to survive in air for some time and are excellent climbers. An aquarium containing crabs or crayfish thus needs to be “escape-proof”.

In order to establish a habitat tailored to the needs of these crayfish, the aquarium needs to be well structured with roots, stones, a couple of Nano Catappa Leaves and plenty of hideaways.

As dwarf crayfish are not interested in destroying plants, any aquarium greenery of your choice is appropriate.

Similarly to dwarf shrimps, dwarf crayfish are quite tolerant with regard to water values. Severe and sudden fluctuations should be avoided, however.

In contrast to most varieties belonging to this group of animals, dwarf crayfish are active during the daytime. This provides plenty of opportunity to observe their interesting behaviour.

A varied, high-quality diet and regular feedig with Crusta-Fit will provide for healthy crayfish full of vitality whose active behaviour brings plenty of life to the nano waterworld.

Orange dwarf crayfish (CPO)

Cambarellus patzcuarensis „orange“

The brown-coloured original of this colourful breed originates from the highlands of Mexico. Legend has it that the orange variety was first bred by a Dutchman to immortalise his country’s national colour.

Required habitat conditions:
Temperature: 18-24 °C
pH: 7-8.5
KH: 6-12 °d
Aquarium size: At least 25 l

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