The new guide for aquarium plants!

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Guide for aquarium plants

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Hungry shrimps

A time-lapse film shows just how fond fresh water shrimps are of our Catappa Leaves.

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Nano Aquarium
Welcome to the nano world!

Simple setup. Simple care.

Simply fascinating!

Discover the special fascination of nano aquaria – fascinating small-scale aquatic environments. Bring the magic of tropical aquascapes into your home. Revel in the fascinating antics of bizarre and colourful shrimps. And delight in the fresh, vivid green of breath-taking mini-aquascapes.
Garden pond
Easy PondCare set

All-round care and protection for small ponds of up to 1,000 l

4 high-powered products to provide all-round care for the ever-popular little garden pond:

BetterWater provides for the right water values, while the biological helpers in ClearWater PondBacteria FB3 and PondSludge DegradingAid FB4 clarify the water and reduce sludge and foliage. Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex deprives algae of their most important nutrient, thus nipping algae problems in the bud. Less phosphate automatically means less algae. For a pond that stays clear and healthy, with only minimal algae content.